Combining elements of house, vocal trance, and J-pop,

singer-songwriter MIKUROMIKA is ready for the world. MIKUROMIKA’s chill pop vibe

and sleek vocals which she simply calls ‘MIKURO POP,’ draws inspiration from such

diverse acts as Japanese R&B legend MISIA, and icons like Lady GaGa and Cindy Lauper.

MIKA’s love of music, art, and fashion fuel her passion for performance and positivity

and is taking that passion global!


Debuting in 2013, her journey began with the group 3cro Adventure and lead her to

working as a support vocalist in K-pop, appearances in international fashion magazines,

and even to New York City supporting Cissy Houston. As a solo artist, MIKA made her way

to Canada and performed at the Anime North convention in Toronto

and at Japan Festival Canada attracting attention for her infectious music and original fashion.

 As she continued to discover her sound, MIKA was featured on television by VICE CANADA

to discuss her travels, hopes, and dreams.


Finding her Tokyo-energized groove in the world of electronic music, MIKUROMIKA is crafting her own path, her own direction, and her own style. Working with a variety of producers from across the globe, her journey is custom made for the world to share.



単身渡ったニューヨークでは、NYで最も有名なコンサートホール【カーネギーホール】でホイットニー・ヒューストンの母シシー・ヒューストンのバックでゴスペルクワイヤとして努めた他、北アメリカ最大のアニメコンベンション【Anime North】にゲスト出演。




・VICE​​ CANADA出演(自身の活動をドキュメンタリーとして (カナダ)

・ジャパンフェスティバルカナダ(JAPAN EXPO) ゲスト出演 (カナダ)

・北アメリカ最大アニメコンベンション【Anime​​North】にゲスト出演 (カナダ)

・北アメリカコンベンション【FAN EXPO】にゲスト出演 (カナダ)

・カナダジョージブラウン大学、学園祭にてゲスト出演(カナダ) (その模様が後日新聞に掲載)

・Gilda’s​​ Club​​ Greater(北アメリカ癌サポート団体)のラジオ番組、イベントにゲスト出演(カナダ)





・Stories​​ of​​ Oursストーリーテラー出演(カナダ)

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