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I was born in Tochigi, a small and beautiful mountainous town north of Tokyo.

Tochigi is best known for its temples such as the famous traditional Nikko temple which is a World Heritage site. But my hometown is really nothing special.


Without a car, you cannot get anywhere. The town is full of fields and rice paddies. My grandparents were actually farmers.


I had a normal childhood, but my parents had been previously divorced.

My siblings also had divorces, so I have many nephews and nieces.

It created a big family, but that meant I had to say goodbye many times as they passed through my life.


I didn’t know who to share my feelings with. My friends did not necessarily understand.

I also didn’t feel like I could tell my teachers. That’s why I started to sing, especially when I was sad, so I could express myself in hope that everything would be OK.


When I was 15, my parents suddenly divorced. My mother said “I wanna protect you.”

But, you know, I was only 15 so I didn’t understand the reasons why she left my father.

It was then only my Mom, Grandma and me but I really missed my larger extended family.

I thought if I became a famous singer, my family might be able to live together again.

This is when I focused and I eventually passed a music company audition and became a singer.


Of course, to be a singer is not so easy. I felt like I didn’t have any singing technique. I didn’t feel my appearance was fabulous enough and to make it worse, I’m actually quite shy. More than anything though, I didn’t have confidence. That’s why I made such a big effort, like practicing every day and learning how to compose songs...


Eventually I released my music and performed in many places as an independent singer.

I began to attract fans and they would be encouraged by my music and I saw how I brought joy to people. I shared that joy, especially when my whole family could reunite at one of my concerts. My dream was coming true.


I’d been working steadily as a singer, but eventually became frustrated with the business and considered leaving. The company boss wasn't happy with my career. 

One day I thought “I shouldn’t sing anymore as a professional, because I cannot think of music as a business.” and I decided to quit singing, because It was so stressful for me.

Then when I told my fans, they cried at every concert even when I sang happy songs.

When I saw this situation I realized I may have made a big mistake, but the decision had been made.


So I quit and started a new job as a hotel receptionist. I could also make guests feel happy so I actually enjoyed it, but around this time something strange was happening. 

I felt stomach pain and something was different.


When I went to the hospital, the doctor told me the reason is I got food poisoning or I had too much stress or something. Since I was young, he doubted it was more serious. 

That’s why I I ignored the pain for a year. I never thought that I might have cancer.


When my condition didn’t improve, I finally asked the doctor for another medical check.

Eventually they found cancer in my stomach. The growth was was 3 cm big and I was told there is a chance it might spread to other parts of my body. My mind went blank as soon as I heard that.


I never thought about the end of life before, and then I thought about it every day,

‘Why did cancer choose me?’ If my life has a limit what do I wanna do?

I got my answer. ”I wanna sing for people”

It’s not for business, it’s to share my songs and feelings.

When I was a singer in Japan I wasn’t so famous, but that’s not a big deal.

I don’t need money and fame, all I really want is to help others with my music.


My songs will live on forever.

That’s why I’ve decided to go to other countries to connect to others with my music.

I also decided not to waste another minute of my life and to pursue my hopes and dreams to create my first album with people from all over the world.

I’m so excited to meet new people, sing with other people, and share my passion for life with the world.

I happy to say that my cancer is now in remission and I am living again!

But I want you to think about your own life.

If you only have a few years, how will you spend your time?

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