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~world traveler~

​Sound produce : DeltaOuji

I wanna go to that country.

I wanna touch that person.


Hey, I thought to travel around the world is just a dream.

I was stopping myself, thinking it's impossible.

From Tokyo to Toronto, From Toronto to London.

Hey but we can be what we want to be.


Wow wow From a small room in Tokyo to the world.

Wow wow When I was in Mont Saint-Michel so many bees chased me.


Travel around the world.

I just wanna jump over to freedom.

Travel around the world.


I’m standing on the new land and nobody knows me here.

Take a deep breath. Winds are giving me direction.

I don’t know which way is right or left but...

I wanna feel everything with my five senses.


Excuse me where am I?

A language which I don’t know is flying.

I’m surprised! The dictionary in my brain is going blank.

I know that feeling, you do too.

I’m budding, and blooming.


I thought I lost everything.

Then just got out, from a small room in Tokyo.

The world didn't abandon me.

I’m feeling it from deep inside of my body.

I can do something even I have nothing.

When I felt it, I wasn’t afraid.

To travel around the world has taught me.

That Im living!


Wow wow The world didn't abandon me.

Wow wow The world won't won’t leave you feeling alone.


Travel around the world.

In Leaning Tower of Pisa, watch out for the stairs.

I wanna travel around the world.

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